Why AIC Clinic?

As the pioneer in innovating dermal filler injection and Korean facial thread lifting techniques, AIC is the premier expert in facial contouring and anti-aging treatment using non-invasive procedures. AIC is also the leader in treatment of lower eyelid problems such as bags and hollows under the eye areas.

Dr. Puttipong Poomsuwan

Thailand’s Premier Pioneer Beauty Artist

• Expert Korean Facial Thread Lift
• Pioneer of the Dermal Filler Injection Technique

Filler Injection

The Asian Premier Innovator in Derma Filler Injection

The HA filler has been used in Thailand for over 10 years. However, in the past the dermal filler injection technique was not yet well developed. The filler was usually injected into a shallow skin layer to correct wrinkles such as deep cheek lines. In addition the HA filler itself too is not well developed. As a result the HA filler injected dissolves quickly resulting in poor treatment and unnatural look.

Thread Lift

Thread Lift for Facial Lift and Facial Contouring

The Doctor Who Pioneered the Korean Facial Thread Lift Ultra V Technique in Thailand


AIC is the premier beauty aesthetics clinic specializing in non-invasive procedures including innovative skin care techniques that are different from other clinics.


By Dr.Puttipong

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