In 2012 Aesthetic Innovation Center (AIC) or AIC Clinic was founded by Dr. Puttipong Poomsuwan, a beauty aesthetic expert and anti-aging for over 20 years. The objective is to service highly exclusive clientele with innovative procedures yielding satisfactory results. All the treatments are non-invasive procedures yet may replace surgery in some cases. These non-invasive procedures are presently very popular and are expected to gain more recognition in the future. This is because there are no undesired side effects yet yielding clear satisfactory results like surgery. However, there is no need for recovery time.

Due to the rapid advancements in medical technology, there is need to keep up with the innovations in beauty aesthetics and anti-aging procedures. AIC Clinic thus is like the trailblazer opening new opportunities and knowledge in beauty aesthetics. Therefore, clients can be confident in the treatment that utilizes the most innovative procedures. 

In addition AIC Clinic is also a training center for the most innovative techniques in beauty aesthetics for Thai and foreign doctors in the Asian region.