Restore Youthfulness and Charm with the Cupid Forehead Technique

In early 2014, I explained about the Forehead Augmentation technique, which enhanced the forehead. There are many procedures that can be used including injection of fat or fillers. The desired result is a flawless forehead. But a smooth forehead with no wrinkles is not sufficient to restore the youthful appearance to the face. Therefore, the Cupid Forehead Technique was developed to enhance the forehead complimenting the facial features of the patient. This technique restores the harmony of the facial features by contouring the forehead. The procedure may sound familiar to the previous augmentation techniques. However, the techniques in the procedure are very different.

Illustration of sunken area over the eyebrow ridge

When aging signs appear on the forehead

The forehead, often overlooked, is a crucial feature that needs to be considered when trying to reduce signs of aging on the face. As a person ages, the skin in the forehead area starts to shrink in much the same way as the other areas of the face. As the skin starts to shrink and the bones become thinner, an area over the eyebrow starts to appear sunken. This is because the eyebrow ridge is a thicker bone covered by thicker skin later, so it does not appear sunken. Such signs of aging are found in people aged over 35. In addition those who often inject botox to solve wrinkle problems on the forehead tend to have the appearance of sunken skin quicker. This is because the muscles in the area have shrunk due to the injection of botox. <br /><br /> I have explained the pros and cons of each technique in forehead augmentation in 2014. Therefore, I would only concentrate on explaining the Cupid Forehead technique, which is a procedure for filler injection.

Traditional Forehead Filler Injection

The traditional means for forehead enhancement especially in young females favored the injection of hard HA fillers. These high-density fillers were used to ensure that the fillers would not flow undesirably. The result is a forehead that protrudes prominently. The HA filler would be injected under the muscle in the subgaleal space. The advantage of this procedure is the ease in implementation. In addition the result is a beautifully protruding forehead. However, after 2 &ndash; 3 months the appearance would be no longer smooth. It would appear unnatural due to the movement of the filler because the muscles in the area are always moving. In addition it would feel rubbery to the touch (similar to the result of fat injection into the forehead). This type of procedure creating a prominent forehead is not suitable for men and middle-aged women.

Facial Contouring using the Cupid Forehead Technique

The Cupid Forehead Technique is different from the Forehead Augmentation Technique. The desired result is a beautifully natural looking contoured forehead that restores youth to the face. The procedure utilizes different techniques from traditional practices.

– The procedure requires the use of soft HA fillers that are small size particles (NASHA). This gel does not adhere to each other strongly thus it can diffuse easily, which is totally opposite to the traditional methods.

– The injection technique requires deep penetration injecting the filler near the bone or even under the sub-periosteum layer.

– The emphasis is to restore the sunken skin and contour the forehead. The effect is similar to the make-up technique to highlight the forehead.

Diagram Illustrating forehead bone and skin layer

Illustration of the cupid forehead technique contouring, which is similar to the make-up forhead highlighting technique

The disadvantage of this technique is the difficulty in the filler injection. Also it is not suitable for those who want a prominent forehead. As for the advantages of this technique, it can be used for both men and women. In fact it is suitable even for those aged between 40 &ndash; 70 years. This is because the result is a natural youthful look. The technique earned the nickname &ldquo;Executive Technique&rdquo; because it is suitable for executives who want to improve their appearance subtly without anyone noticing. In addition the movement of the muscles has no impact on the filler as a result the forehead remains well contoured. Another advantage is the hard natural feel on the forehead unlike the soft rubbery feel resulting from the traditional techniques because the new technique places filler into the deeper layer.

Illustration 5 Months after cupid forehead treatment


The trend for aging solutions favors a balanced solution for the face. This is different from the traditional focus on individual parts of the face. Any procedure must consider the harmony of the facial features. Most importantly the result must be natural looking and restore the youthfulness in a subtle way. This technique does not create a prominent forehead but emphasizes contouring the forehead to ensure harmony with features such as the nose and chin.