Filler Injection Using Blunt Tipped Needles 

This is a review of the aesthetic innovation in Thailand over the past four years.

 I explained the Ultra V Lift by Fine Thread technique in Cosmetics Magazine in June 2011. After a few months the Korean Facial Thread Lift technique became a phenomenon that spread throughout Thailand. This revived the use of cogged and barbed threads. Today the evolution of facial thread lift has introduced a hybrid type of thread that combines the fine and barbed texture of the threads. These fine threads can hold the skin with its small barbed texture. The use of these threads depends on the expertise of the doctor and skin condition of the patient.


July 2011 Filler Injection Using Blunt Tipped Needles

In July 2011 I wrote about reversing the effects of aging by using an innovative filler injection technique utilizing blunt tipped needles. At that time I was one of the few doctors in Thailand to present this idea using blunt tipped needles or “Blunt Cannula” in injecting HA fillers. 

In October 2011 Cosmetics Magazine organized a medical seminar and training for filler injection using blunt tipped needles. This was considered the first time such a hands-on training for filler injection using blunt tipped needles was organized in Thailand. Training of this nature has been organized continuously from then up to the present. Hundreds of doctors have been trained in the technique. This helps to improve the expertise of Thai doctors so that they can safely treat their patients. The use of blunt tipped needles is now the standard of safe filler injection the world over.

DR.Frederik berne, The swedish surgeon who pioneered the bone touching filler injection technique

August 2013 Bone Touching Filler Injection Technique 

In August 2013 I wrote an article titled “Refresh Your Beauty for a Lasting Effect with Bone Touching Filler Injection Technique”. I referenced the research conducted by Dr. Kotaro Yoshimura from the University of Tokyo. The filler has to be injected right on or under the bone layer. This technique results in a more natural look that is longer lasting. The bone touching filler injection technique has also to be credited to Dr. Frederik Berne, a Swedish surgeon, who developed and has worked to spread the use of this technique for many years. However, this technique was not adopted widely because of its rather difficult implementation. In my opinion, the bone touching injection technique on or under the bone layer has no difference in results. However, the choice depends on the expertise of the doctor.

“The technique whether on the bone membrane or under is now a standard procedure around the world”


August 2013 Face Lift Filler Injection : Butterfly Lift

I have developed the Butterfly Lift technique and wrote about it in Cosmetics Magazine in February 2014. The objective is to train doctors to apply the bone touching technique for filler injection using blunt tipped needles to their clinical practice. Doctors can use their knowledge to treat patients who have advanced signs of aging and sagging skin that cannot be effectively treated using other procedures. This technique is effective and even less invasive than facial thread lifting because of no bruising and no downtime. In addition, patients can avoid going through unnecessary surgery. 

illustration treatment of wrinkles and bags under the eyes using virgin eye lift technique

April 2014 Virgin Eye Lift Filler Injection for Treating Wrinkles and Bags under the Eyes

In April 2014 I wrote the article titled “Restore Youth to Your Eyes with Virgin Eye Lift”. This technique treats wrinkles and bags under the eyes without using surgery. The topic was very well received by doctors and readers alike. This technique requires the injection of filler to reduce hollowing and sagging skin under the lower eye areas. In addition to reduction of wrinkles and bag under the eyes, the skin around the area also looks revitalized and younger. The patient can avoid unnecessary surgery and doctors can treat their patients safely.


In the past few years there have been many rapid innovations in the field of beauty aesthetics. However, doctors not only have to keep up with the advances but must also innovate and create new procedures that are safer. These procedures reflect the advancement of the Thai beauty aesthetics medical profession in Thailand. One day, Thai beauty aesthetics may even advance further than the countries leading the profession today. This would result in the enhancement of Thailand’s reputation and benefits of patients in general.